Delegate Mark Keam - Virginia's 35th House District

Richmond Report: First Week

Happy New Year!

Today, the Virginia General Assembly convened our 2015 legislative session, and we'll be in Richmond for the next 45 days.

I am excited to begin my sixth year in the House of Delegates, and I want to thank the residents of the 35th District for allowing me to represent you in the oldest continuous legislative body in the modern world.

I also want to thank everyone who has supported my campaigns in the past. Your generous support and encouragement allow me to play a role in shaping the policies of our great Commonwealth.

Today, I introduced 15 bills, one of which has already passed a subcommittee! You can read the bills here on the Virginia legislature's website.

Many of these bills address problems that were brought to my attention by constituents asking for state-level relief:

• A 13 year old student with severe food allergies wants to ensure that restaurants are aware and able to deal with customers who have food allergy issues.
• Families whose children attend a day care center where a child went missing temporarily want to require that all parents are notified when such situations occur.
• An elderly gentleman wanting to learn new skills for a possible second career wants more senior citizens of limited income to be allowed to take colleges courses for free.
• A mother whose son was burned during a laser hair removal session wants to protect others from being harmed by unlicensed service providers.
• An abused worker wants to prevent employers or colleagues from bullying or harassing workers on the job , which could lead to health concerns.

I also introduced a couple of bills to address the recent examples of ethical lapses by some elected officials in Virginia that have eroded the public's trust in their government.

My bills would create a new Anti-Corruption team within the office of the Attorney General and a new Ombudsman to address campaign finance or election-fraud issues.

And as I have each year, I introduced several bills on behalf of the Town of Vienna to address the unique needs of our local government.

Once the legislative session gets going in earnest, I will email you regular legislative updates about once a week. I hope my newsletters are informative and help you better understand what your state government is doing.

Should you have any questions or comments about anything the General Assembly is doing, please drop me a line at (804) 698-1035 or email

And if you want to visit me in Richmond, please let me know so I can see you and also introduce you from the House floor.

Thank you again for your support and friendship, and above all, your trust in me.

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