Delegate Mark Keam - Virginia's 35th House District

Delegate Mark Keam Selected as one of ten State and Local "NewDEAL" Pro-Growth Progressive Leaders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, March 29, 2011 CONTACT:  Julia Kim, (703) 350-3911,


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Delegate Mark Keam joined Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, U.S. Senator from Alaska Mark Begich, and Delaware Representative Byron Short in announcing the launch of the "NewDEAL," a new national network committed to highlighting innovative ideas from state and local elected leaders who are pro-growth progressives.

Democrats O'Malley and Begich serves as the group's Honorary Co-Chairs, while Short and Keam are two out of ten rising Democratic state and local officials from across the country to be selected as the inaugural class of NewDEAL Leaders.

"I am pleased to join my state and local colleagues to launch this much-needed effort to share and to promote new and innovative ideas to help spur our economy and to reignite our nation's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit," said Keam.

"I am especially proud that the NewDEAL has recognized my legislative efforts that seek win-win solutions to benefit the general public, such as my Green Jobs bill that became law in my first year in office, and my Healthcare Jobs for Veterans bill that passed the legislature this year.  These and other pragmatic policy ideas are designed to help move Virginia forward economically while protecting our progressive values," continued Keam.

NewDEAL, which stands for "Developing Exceptional American Leaders," seeks to promote elected officials who support innovative public policies that:

  • Create broad-based, sustainable economic growth;
  • Strengthen both economic security and opportunity;
  • Encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, upward mobility and personal savings;
  • Make government more effective, efficient, accountable and transparent;
  • Help American workers and businesses become more competitive in the global economy; and
  • Advance the common good over special interests.
In addition, the NewDEAL recognizes leaders who:
  • Embody a high ethical standard;
  • Engage in civil dialog that recognizes opponents' fundamental values; and
  • Demonstrate innovation and pragmatism without sacrificing fundamental progressive principles.

"Senator Begich and I have joined the NewDEAL because we believe we need to look for fresh ideas not just from the top down in Washington, but also from the bottom up, where innovative leaders like Mark Keam are developing and testing their ideas out on the ground," said Governor O'Malley.

"In communities throughout the country, rising state and local leaders such as Mark Keam are proving that you can be both pro-growth and progressive.  The NewDEAL is designed to foster these types of ideas and these types of leaders," said Senator Begich.

Delegate Mark Keam and the other NewDEAL leaders are currently featured in video introductions on the NewDEAL's interactive website,

Delegate Mark Keam (, @MarkKeam) represents Virginia's 35th House district, located in Fairfax County.  The District includes the Town of Vienna and portions of Tysons, Dunn Loring, Wolf Trap, Oakton and Fair Oaks.  Currently serving his first term in office, Keam sits on the House Finance and House Militia, Police and Public Safety committees.


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