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Delegate Keam's 2011 Legislative Accomplishments


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Delegate Mark Keam Concludes Successful 2011 Legislative Session


RICHMOND, VA — During the regular session of the 2011 Virginia General Assembly session, Delegate Mark Keam successfully passed the following six bills and two budget amendments.  All of his legislative measures are expected to be signed into law by Governor Bob McDonnell in the coming weeks.

  • HB 2279 helps military veterans experienced in emergency medicine find similar civilian sector jobs by requiring the Commissioner of Health to consider military training in determining the requirements for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician in Virginia.  The bill is supported by the American Legion and the Virginia Healthcare and Hospitals Association. 
  • HB 2278 implements the Constitutional Amendment which was approved overwhelmingly by Virginia voters in November 2010 to authorize local governments to provide real property tax relief for eligible and qualified elderly or totally and permanently disabled homeowners.  Passed as an "emergency" legislation, this bill will go into effect immediately upon signing by the Governor. 
  • HB 2277 adopts a government cost-savings recommendation from Governor Bob McDonnell's Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring, to require volunteer citizens who serve on state boards or commissions to receive travel reimbursements electronically instead of through manual processing of paper checks. 
  • HB 2272 creates a new tolling of a statute of limitations for local law enforcement actions that match the state's law enforcement tool, to provide more time for authorities to prosecute unlicensed building contractors at the local level who might harm unknowing consumers. 
  • HB 2271 exempts computer and digital forensics experts from having to hold unrelated private investigator license in order to prepare and present expert testimony in litigation.  This bill implements a recommendation of the American Bar Association and other experts in the emerging field of specialized computer forensic science. 
  • HB2276 was incorporated into HB 2036 introduced by Delegate Chris Peace (R-Henrico) and implements a recommendation from the Virginia Prisoner and Juvenile Offender Re-entry Council, on which Delegate Keam serves, to provide local jurisdictions with more time to facilitate the successful reintegration of ex-juvenile offenders who return to their community. 
  • Budget Amendment Item 3-5.08 #1h reverses an onerous and unpopular accelerated sales tax payment requirement by exempting most small businesses from having to prepay their June sales tax receipts one month early.  Keam's budget amendment would have raised the threshold from $1 million to $12 million in sales for the tax payer to qualify under this accelerated payment program.  The conference report of the budget settled at $5.4 million in sales as the threshold, thereby offsetting $45.7 million in revenues for the budget year.  This amount would provide tax relief to about 80% of small businesses in Virginia. 
  • Budget Amendment Item 132 #3h increases the cap on state aid to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology by providing 50 additional student slots per year.  The conference report of the budget includes $66,000 for this provision. 

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