Delegate Mark Keam - Virginia's 35th House District

Delegate Keam Congratulates Gerry Connolly on his Re-Election to Congress


I congratulate my Congressman, Gerry Connolly, on his re-election to serve his second term in Congress.

I also thank my Oakton constituent, Keith Fimian, for stepping up to seek public service.

The results of the race in the 11th District of Virginia could not have been closer.  Both candidates worked hard to present their best case to the voters and both campaigns did an excellent job of turning out their supporters in Fairfax and Prince William Counties while convincing undecided voters to choose wisely.

With all the results tallied, Congressman Connolly won with a 981 vote margin out of over 220,000 votes cast.  I applaud Mr. Fimian for his decision announced today to let this decision stand, even though he has every right to seek a recount paid for by the state.

Last week, the voters spoke in Virginia and across the nation.  I believe the message they sent to Washington is a plea for our federal leaders to work together, across Party lines, to focus on the most important issues facing our nation today.  The American people are still nervous about the economic conditions they currently face and they expect common sense, pragmatic solutions from their elected leaders to fix these problems.

While we are blessed in Northern Virginia to be facing moderate job losses and relative economic progress compared to the rest of our nation, we are nowhere near being out of the woods yet.  We still have to work hard to stabilize our local housing market, free up credit for small businesses, provide incentives for entrepreneurs to take risks and innovate, fix our traffic mess, keep our schools strong and our environment clean, and ensure safe streets and neighborhoods.

There is a lot of work waiting for the next Congress, and I hope that our federal representatives will put aside politics and partisanship and focus instead on meeting these urgent needs for us all.  I pledge to do the same as I return to Richmond in January for the next General Assembly session.

Mark Keam

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