Delegate Mark Keam - Virginia's 35th House District

Keam-Poindexter Green Jobs bill heads to Governor McDonnell

House Bill 803, as amended by the House-Senate conference committee, now heads to Governor McDonnell's desk for his signature after the House voted unanimously to adopt the conference report.

As described in previous entries, this is the Green Jobs bill that Delegates Keam and Poindexter worked on all session long. This is also the first bill where Delegate Keam was appointed as a conferee to negotiate the final conference report. He was proud to put his signature on the report that was presented to the House for its approval today.

To follow the long procedural history of this bill (affectionately known in legislative process as the "art of sausage-making"), click here:

Once Governor McDonnell signs this into law (which he is anxious to do since this bill is part of his Jobs Agenda), we can finally turn the entire Commonwealth into a Green Jobs Zone!

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