Delegate Mark Keam - Virginia's 35th House District

Delegate Keam signs letter to VDOT regarding snow

As we faced unprecedented snowfalls this winter, the Virginia Department of Transportation, local government officials and private sector entities responsible for our utilities did their best to cope with the thousands of constituents who needed attention. For the most part, I believe everyone did a good job in responding to the emergencies by working around the clock to clear the major roads to traffic and to make sure that the calls were returned.

However, numerous constituents called me with specific concerns about their streets that went unattended for days, and many of them pointed out problems that I believe warrant further attention as we anticipate and prepare for the next round of snow.

To follow up on these great suggestions that our constituents pointed out, I joined many members of the Northern Virginia delegation in the General Assembly in sending a detailed letter to the new Secretary of Transportation, Sean Connaughton, asking him to look at ways that VDOT can do a better job going forward.

I also spoke with Secretary Connaughton and his staff several times and offered to help VDOT secure all the tools they need to address their snow policies. If you have any additional suggestions on ways that the government can improve our policies, please contact me at anytime. Thank you.

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